Basil seeds benefits

6 Amazing Benefits of Basil seeds (sabja seeds)

Basil seeds has a long history of ayurveda and it is also used as medicine. It’s also called as falloda, sabja seeds.

It has numerous health benefits, Basil/tulsi is a plant which is a gift by good for the human being.

Basil seeds are very-much usefull in,weight loss management, controls body heat, etc…

Benefits of basil seeds

1. Helps in weight loss Management:-

Fat content in our body are heard to burn, we should follow strict diet and rigorous excersise. After doing all this some may not able to see the result that they are expecting.

In this case Basil/Sabja seeds will help to find visible results.

Daily Consumption of basil seeds with water help to weight loss. You should wash and sook the seed in water for atleast 15-20 mins, then you can consume it directly or with any salad.

These seeds are help in boosting and burn the fat in the body. When your body gets to sweat then the fat is slowly dissolving. Basil seeds will help to faster this process.

2. Helps in Reduce body heat:-

Ushna – means Heat, its an Ayurvedic term which says the body temperature must be balanced, otherwise our body will throw back the in the form of pimples in face, ulsers in mouth or stomach, come may even get constipation because of excess of heat in there body.  

Basil seeds when consumed daily regulates our body heat and acts as a coolent. In summer many faces this issue as the temperature outside is high and the food habit will be the main cause.

So taking basil seeds will be a solution.

Usually Basil seeds are taken with water ,sugar, honey and some times with coconut milk to drink. It will helps to reduce the body heat.

3. Basil seeds are high in fiber:-

Fiber content is must for our body as it our body Absorbs them properly and helps the digestive system of our body.

Doctors advice to consume fruits as there are rich in fiber. Consuming basil seeds is also a good option to fulfill your fiber intake.

Just one tablespoon of basil seeds contain 7 grams of fiber.

It also helps to promote good heath and blood sugar control.

4. It contains source of minerals:-

It contain enough calcium ,iron and magnesium for human body.

In todays lifestyle there is always a deficiency of minerals in our food, so daily consumption of basil seeds can be a good supplement for minerals for your life.

5. Helpful for Constipation 

Now a days constipation has became common problem for many people, as the changing lifestyle and food habit, we are not able to fulfill the daily reduirements of proper fiber content,

As a rich source of, Dietary fiber,protein,  calcium and more, it will help in Constipation problem.

Helps in easy bowl movements results in healthy stomach.

6. For Healthy hair

Basil/sabja seeds are rich in vitamin k which is good for hairs. So consume basil seeds with Luke warm water at Morning will helps promote your scalp health.

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