black pepper benefits

6 health benefits of black pepper you should know

Black pepper is a spice which is commonly used in Indian kitchen as well as whole world. It is used as a spicing agent in most Non veg goods, as well as veg foods.

On behalf of the this ingredient used in cooking, many are not aware of its medicinal properties. It has many amazing benefits In terms of medicinal use.

Here are some most important benefits of Black pepper.

Black pepper benefits

Benefits of black pepper

1. It helps to reduce cough and cold

Cough and cold are a common problem for everyone. We cannot get rid of this common flu. But don’t worry, for every problem there is a solution. As I said there is a solution for this, you can take pepper as a remedy for cough. Take some quantity of Black pepper, crush it mix it with one table spoon of honey and have it. Honey act as a soothner for the trout and Pepper act as an dose of medicine for cough and common cold.


2. Helps to reduce diabetes

Not only for cough and cold. Black pepper is also helpful in for those tho are suffering type 2 diabetes.

Ha yes Diabetes. According to studies, black pepper oil naturally releases some good enzymes which helps to reduce blood sugar level In our body and slow downs the process if glucose absorption. So as a precaution anybody can use Black pepper as a alternative medicine for Diabetes.

NOTE: You should not stop Alopatic medicines if you are taking (If you are a diabetic patient) There are all home remedies and cannot be taken as a alternative medicine for existing medicine.


3. Helps to reduce the dandruff

Black Pepper can be used to treat dandruff. It has a combination of Zinc and selenium which helps in fight against dry scalps. If the scalp becomes dry, then you will be facing dandruff issues.

Mix two teaspoon of Black pepper with yogurt and stir well. Gently a the paste to the scalp and leave it at-least for an hour and then rinse if off.

This will prevent your scalp from becoming dry. Your scalp must be moisturize to be dandruff free.


4.It helps to improve our health

By consuming pepper once every day will help to promote your health. It helps to absorb the food that we take daily.

Normally the food that we take will not be absorbed by our body completely. So consuming 2-3 seeds of Black pepper will helps to get absorb the food that you take.

In ayurveda, pepper is used in some medicines for the same purpose (to help the medicine get absorbed in the body). so we suggest to take at-least a seed of pepper once a week


5. Rich in mineral and vitamin

Vitamin K and antioxidant for healthy blood. It had packed with other good minerals like  potassium, manganese, iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium. Which are all proven for a healthy life.

6.Treats ulcer

As it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it cures ulcers like stomach ulcer and more. The active component of pepper has been proven for reducing stomach acids.


This are some different types peppers

  1. Black pepper
  2. Green pepper
  3. White pepper
  4. Red pepper
  5. Pink pepper


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